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About Us


Debbie is a songwriter who has always loved to create personalities and

voices for stuffed animals. In the late 80’s, she learned to use ventriloquism

with her bunny, Cherry, and began looking for ways to use her new skill in

children’s ministry. Cherry took over the songwriting, and soon Debbie and

Cherry had two weekly ministries with abused children: a toddler group

home run by Olive Crest, a Christian nonprofit in Southern California, and

Pacific Youth Correctional Ministry, a Christian ministry that sent

Sunday morning volunteers into Orangewood Children’s Home, a county

shelter. Debbie and Cherry continued these two ministries until they moved

to North Carolina in 2005.  Cherry made it easy to connect with the kids

and build trust. The children would sit still just long enough to hear a bunny

sing a song! Cherry’s fun Bible songs multiplied and Debbie began getting

accompaniment tracks to make the music more interesting. 

Debbie and Cherry have developed their songwriting craft through

workshops like “Write About Jesus” and the Nashville Christian

Songwriters. Their music producer, Dennis Dearing (“Menace Music”), and

other talented people have enhanced the quality of their work over the

years. They have recorded many albums and have dreams to develop

other exciting products to bring God’s Word to children. Cherry’s songs hop

from one music style to another, including “country bunny,” “blue grass

bunny,” and even “rock-n-roll rabbit.” Besides recording, Debbie and Cherry

minister by performing in churches, schools, and senior adult facilities.

Resurrection Rabbit, Inc. is a North Carolina 501(c)(3) religious, nonprofit corporation

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