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Meet the characters of Cherry’s “Rabbit Village”.



Olive Crest www.olivecrest.orgWhen Debbie and Cherry lived in California, they spent many Sunday afternoons visiting Olive Crest’s toddler home to share fun, music, “Donut Hole” videos, and Bible stories.  Olive Crest has many group homes to care for abused and neglected children,and they have an active chaplaincy program to help these kids learn about God and His Word.
Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries Debbie and Cherry served with this ministry for many years when they lived in California, making weekly Sunday morning visits for chapel and Sunday School.  Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries brings the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to  troubled and incarcerated youth and their families.
Child Evangelism Fellowship Child Evangelism Fellowship is a fellowship of Christians dedicated to presenting the gospel to boys and girls.  Debbie and Cherry have volunteered at county fairs to sit inside “Noah’s Ark” and tell the gospel story to lots of kids.
One Way Street One Way Street, Inc. is a children’s ministry resource publisher and supplier. They are dedicated to helping teachers and ministers spread the Gospel by providing quality Christian resources.  One of Cherry’s early songs, “WHAT TIME IS IT?”, won an award a few years back when One Way Street wanted to make a CD with catchy Bible songs for kids.
The Sheepfold Debbie and Cherry have been to this shelter for abused women and their children, sharing their music and bunny t-shirts.  The Sheepfold has a wonderful Bible-centered ministry to families who desperately need help and hope.
IndieHeaven Debbie and Cherry are members of IndieHeaven, a first class website that displays the music of independent Christian artists.  Indieheaven provides many important services to these artists to help them connect with opportunities to share their music.  Debbie and Cherry attended IndieHeaven’s annual retreat in Nashville in March 2007, and they hope to go again!
Artists in Christian Testimony International Debbie and Cherry belong to Artists in Christian Testimony International, an evangelical, interdenominational  Christian ministry that mobilizes, sends out, equips, and supports artistic ministers and missionaries who carry out various works of the New Testament Church.